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​Welcome to Encircle Health the home of a passionate Integrative Practitioner who treats the Whole Person with Evidence Based programs to create lasting change.

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Dr Katrina Stewart

Katrina Stewart is a passionate Nutritionist & Naturopath with a passion for helping people achieve their Health & Wellness Goals

Bestseller eBooks

I am a Foodie through and through, I have transformed some of my old Recipes and developed many more.
Check them out.

Discover the Plant-Based Recipe Pack, this is a Vegan AND Vegetarian Based eBook. This pack includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats, and smoothie options.

In this eBook there are 40 Low Cab Recipes, I think when people think Low Carb they think bland and boring – AM I RIGHT? 
It doesn’t have to be that way!

Packed with 52 High Protein Recipes. The majority of people I work with do not eat enough Protein in their day. This eBook will help you meet your Protein requirements. 

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My Blog Posts has different articles on overall Health & Wellness. 

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