Enso Life is now Encircle Health

We have evolved!

1: develop gradually

Enso Life has evolved into Encircle Health, it was a natural progression to bring my visions together which is to Encircle the whole person. Enso Life was created when I believe having a Nutrition Degree and a Diploma in Human Nutrition was all I needed to work with clients to assist them in making the changes necessary to their health and wellness. During my studies I realised that I needed much MUCH more and so I went a little quiet as I studied and extended my range of knowledge. 

So I added to my Nutrition Degree & Diploma in Human Nutrition a Double Doctrate in Nutritional Medicine & Naturopathy and a Masters in Human Nutrition. I think these plus my previous occupation working with families in Psychology I have armed myself with the tools to better assist my clients to make lasting change to their’s and their families health and well being. 
So welcome to Encircle Health, this website will continue to evolve and offer 

  • New regular Blog posts 
  • New recipes 
  • Food Plans 
  • Naturopathic Consultations 
  • And SO much more

Each week I will add information oh the type of service that I can offer, in more detail. There will be blog posts and recipes. If you are interested like our FB page and wait for our IG page for our updates.

Enjoy your weekend

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