Why is the Gut so important to work on ?

Your body is full of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi. They are collectively known as the microbiome.While some bacteria are associated with disease, others are actually extremely important for your immune system, heart, weight and many other aspects of health.


Having good digestive function and a healthy gut microbiome is absolutely essential for optimising overall wellbeing, to ensure we are absorbing the nutrients we are eating and healing from chronic health issues, including the use of antibiotics.

Some obvious signs your Gut is not working at its optimum

  • Indigestion, bloating, excessive gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Not doing a #2 on the regular
  • Food intolerances & allergies
  • Heartburn
  • Cramping
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Having to regularly cancel social events
  • Unsure of what to eat anymore
  • Decreased stress tolerance & anxiety

There are many more, silent indicators that your Gut isn’t happy, read below and if you have questions send Katrina a message. 

8 week Gut Program

It is delivered in eBook form and 2 Power Point Presentations, there are 2 Options for this Program which is the DIY or the Coached Option. 

4 Biweekly eBooks Modules delivered to your Inbox.

Module 1: Introduciton on Gut Health, Daily Schedule to assist you, Kitchen Facelift, Understanding food allergies & reducing toxcity, Probiotics and more. 

Module 2: Understanding your body and what to eat, Food combining + alkalinity, Healthy POOP, Liver supporting foods, Curbing sugar cravings to name a few topics. 

Module 3: Mind/Body Connection + Gut Health Roadblocks, movement, breathing & other rituals, bacterial overgrowth + candida, Autoimmune disease + Hormonal imbalances. 

Module 4: Gut Healthy Lifestyle + wrap up + resources which incluse Healthy Snacking, Healthy eating on a budget, suggested Healthy Meal Prepping, travelling and more. 

  • 2 Versions of Restore your Gut Health Recipe Guide (62 Omnivore & 59 Vegetarian). 
  • 2 Versions of 8 Weeks of Suggested Meals & Shopping Lists to go with your Recipe Guide. 
  • Personal Food Diary.
  • 5 Smoothie Recipes that help banish bloat. 
  • 7 Information eBooks on Digestion, How Fear effects your Gut, Slow Cooker use, Phytic why and how to remove it from your Gut, Self Care and Good Health, Aklalizing your Gut and Healthy Digestion.  
  • Quick 5 Steps to boost your Digestion. 
  • If you like to know more ( I always do)  3 Interviews with Gut Health experts. 

The program has 2 options


Do it yourself

Everything above is delivered to your Inbox. There are guides and easy step by step Information, if needed you can also have a Consultation with Katrina at a reduced price. The 8 week DIY Program is $129
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Consultation Sessions

To enhance your Gut Health Program there is the Consultation Option. Your receive everything above, the same as the DIY Program. Then there are 4 x 45mins Video Naturopathic Consultations. Normally at $120 per Consultation. The Program is $129 + 4 x 45mins = $329 in total. That is $50 for a Naturopathic Consultation.
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Learn a Little More

According to the Gut Foundation of Australia, half of the entire population experiences some sort of digestive problem. For the many clients I have worked with it has become a source of frustration, pain and fatigue. They have accepted it as their normal and up until now have suffered unnecessarily and taken medication to treat the symptoms.

The Gut Brain Axis

The gut-brain axis refers to the physical and chemical connections between your gut and brain. Millions of nerves and neurons run between your gut and brain. 

Neurotransmitters and other chemicals produced in your gut also affect your brain.

Flower GIT

Your Gut

The gut microbiome begins to affect your body the moment you are born. Therefore, there are a number of different ways in which the gut microbiome can affect key bodily functions and influence your health.
This influence can be positive or negative, a few of the negative impacts can be:

  • Weight: An imbalance of healthy and unhealthy microbes is sometimes called gut dysbiosis, and it may contribute to weight gain.
  • Heart & Kidney Health: Certain bacteria within the gut microbiome can produce chemicals that may block arteries and lead to heart & Kidney disease. 
  • Auto Immune Diseases: A healthy gut microbiome controls gut health by communicating with the intestinal cells, digesting certain foods and preventing disease-causing bacteria from sticking to the intestinal walls.
  • Diabeties: The gut microbiome plays a role in controlling blood sugar and may also affect the onset of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The Connection

Your gut and brain are connected physically through millions of nerves, most importantly the vagus nerve. The gut and its microbes also control inflammation and make many different compounds that can affect brain health. The vagus nerve is basically a SUPER Highway that I could geek out on and bore you with, needless to say it is highly important. 

Your Brain

Gut bacteria also produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate basic physiological processes as well as mental processes such as learning, memory and mood.


  • Hormones: gut bacteria manufacture about 95 percent of the body’s supply of serotonin, which influences both mood and GI activity.
  • Neurotransmitters: that play a role in mood and mental health are dopamine, GABA and norepinephrine, all of which are also produced in the gut.
  • Mental Health: Neuropsychology and the study of mental health has shown that depression,  bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychological or neurological problems may also be associated with alternations in the microbiome. 
  • Sleep: As we know sleep is highly important to our brain and Mental Health. Our gut bacteria plays an important role in regulating our body clock (circadian rhythm) and how we sleep. Researchers discovered that gut microbes move around the digestive system, according to a rhythm and is thought to provide regulation of our body clock and governs our sleeping patterns.

The Immune System

  • The Immune System: The gut microbiota that resides in the gastrointestinal tract provides essential health benefits to its host, particularly by regulating immune homeostasis. Moreover, it has recently become obvious that alterations of these gut microbial communities can cause immune dysregulation, leading to autoimmune disorders.
  • Immune Inflammation: This gut-based immune system is capable of triggering “a systemic immune activation” throughout other parts of your body, it can induce activation of glial cells in the brain, leading to neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.” Inflammation and degeneration are two key concerns when it comes to overall brain health and mental health. 

Have you already received a Gastrointestinal Diagnosis below?

  • Dysbiosis (imbalance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microflora in the gut ecosystem)
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Parasites
  • Intestinal Permeability (‘leaky gut’)
  • Fatty Liver
  • Thyroid issues
  • Medication side effects (e.g. antibiotics, antacids)
  • Lack of hydrochloric acid & digestive enzymes
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Chronic unresolved stress

The good news is our Gut Re-Boot Program is a basis for just that, Re-Booting your Gut Health. It is formulated using Naturopathic & Nutritional Medicine Principals which offers effective solutions for uncovering (if there are any) and treating the root cause of digestive issues.

Our Gut Re-Boot Program works on

  • Detoxing
  • To ensure you are absorbing all of your Nutrients from foods
  • Optimising your Gut Microbiome
  • Mental Health (YES good Mental Health)
  • Recovering from an illness
  • Wanting to clean up your Diet
  • Weight-Loss
  • Wanting to boost your Immune System
  • Healing from a Chronic Health Issue

Unsure and would like to know more?

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