Mental preparedness – when life gets hard!

This week just gone was one HARD week – one of those weeks that can derail you entirely.As a Psychologist I have always had my clients look at both – the best case scenario and worst case scenarios. You AIM and plan for the best case but also understand the worst case scenario, are you OK with that, can you live with that and what do you need to do to handle yourself if that worse case comes about. This ensures we had covered and ticked off ALL possibilities ALL scenarios so they were prepared. It isn’t always nice but I believe it is your responsibility to your Mental Health – you do your Mental Health due diligence.

Way back when… I would say this, help my clients DO this however never completed my own due diligence, somethings are just hard right. The things, people, memories, history, relationships and anything else that was a trigger to an unhappy time I would EMU the hell out of OR eat my way out from. Then I started working on it… and when I did I ATE myself happy because that is what people with Clinical Depression can do at times.. use food as something that would make you FEEL happy. Then I changed that factor, through CrossFit I learnt to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I continued to work on any triggers and still do. This week one of my biggest triggers came full circle, the worse case scenario and I was left unable to change my part, fix the relationship as this person has now passed or help someone very near and dear to me through it. It just happened and I had to sit with it. I had prepared myself for this eventuality, I had done the work around it and still it was painful, hard and I felt helpless.

Had I not done ALL of the work, had I not done my Mental Health due diligence, had I not ensured I was OK with the worst case scenario. This week could have sent me in a complete spin. Comfort food, not training, not assisting others in their dreams, not doing my thing and starting to head off my path. Didn’t mean this week didn’t hurt or it wasn’t hard and I can tell you I am exhausted from the emotions. However I am proudly sitting in that exhaustion on my path, looking in the same direction as I was before Monday.
​DO THE WORK PEOPLE DO THE HARD WORK – your mind will love you.

If you don’t know how or even where to start be proactive, reach out, find a Coach, a mentor, someone who will help you get started!

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