My Interview on Good Morning….. re: My Skin Removal Surgery.

Here is the link to my recent Interview on Mornings regarding my weight-loss and surgeries. 
EDIT: This interview now has been removed simply because it is old. 

This interview was done to inspire people to make change. I am truly grateful to have people contacting me to ask for tips, Nutrition, Coaching and much more regarding their own Journeys.

If this is you and you are wondering if there is anything you can do to change your current health situation contact me.. and lets chat.

Skin Reduction Surgery

Surgery or choosing to have a Surgerical Procedure isn’t something that I choose easily at all. It came to a point in my Journey where training would effect me Psychologically, as people were commenting on how much weight I was loosing inside it was eating away at me. WHY? because my skin would NOT move in sysinc with my body. When I would walk my inner leg skin would rub, chafe and move seperatly so I would have to wear compression clothing under my normaly clothing. My ‘skirt’ around my abdoman would sweat and hit my body when I was running or moving, and there was no compression garmets for that. My breasts required 3 bras, one specially made from the US and I would require assistance to get in and out of it. My arm skin would also hit and move differently and my back skin would get caught in the special bras. I would literally have 9 or 10 different skin areas moving seperate to my body and the damn things would NEVER move together.

Mentally it was the hardest part for me… when I was between 110-130kgs and people would say the nicest comments and inside it was jsut sheer torture, but I would continue until my skin started totear from the drag of the weight. I also develope lessions and clamedia YES clamedia. I did NOT know that you can actually get clamedia from excess skin. I washed twice to three times a day, I would wear female pads between the layers of skin in the Summer to try and prevent it however in the end the skin needed to be removed. 

I choose to get down to as low as I could, this was the initialy photo I sent to my choosen Surgeon Dr Jeremy Hunt. From this photo I lost another 20kgs, I also chose to not have liposuction. My first operation was also on my Upper Body as that is where I was experiencing the most amount of skin tears and also had lost the most amount of weight.
​For reasons not to FREAK PEOPLE OUT I have not shown my frontal Upper Body Photo’s on my Website, however they are on my Surgeons Website AND I am happy to share my experiences with ANYONE who is thinking of having any Skin Reduction Surgery so please PLEASE message me. 

 I required 2 Major Operations and 3 Minor Operations all were Medically needed, none were Cosmetic only. 
However if you are a person that has had Cosmetic Surgery (no Medicare number attached) please know I support you in your Journey, for me I have just choosen to have only what I needed Medically to ensure I could continue to move in my Weightloss Journey and for me personally that was enough. 

The First Operation included a Breast Reduction (no lift was needed due to draining), a Back Reduction and Upper Arm Lift. I then required another minor operation due to this surgery. 

My second operation was a Lower Body Lift and a Thigh Lift, from this Surgery I then had another 2 minor surgeries. 

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