The issue within a blended Industry

The issue within a blended Industry

The Fitness, Health & Wellness space is such a VAST multi level set of Industries.  
There is actually no formal definition of the combination, there are formal definitions for the Fitness Industry, the Allied Health Care Industry, the Health Industry and the Wellness … well side (it doesn’t really have an Industry).
Then WITHIN the above Industries there are many many MANY Business Models and herein lies the issue for the consumer as it ‘could’ all look like the same Industry which is often labeled the Fitness Industry.

As there is no formal definition here are my thoughts, if I left you out apologies it wasn’t intentional as you can see the Business and Occupations are V A S T.

The fitness, health & wellness industry includes any person, company, or entity that focuses on exercise, health, and overall maintenance of the body. It may include gyms and fitness centers, personal trainers, coaches, specialised sports, fitness equipment companies, food and supplement companies, clothing companies, and other sporting goods companies. It may also include Allied Health Care Professionals such as Exercise Physiotherapists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Naturopaths, Dieticians, Psychologists, Herbalists and Accupuncture to name a few.

When you look at the above Professions, Industries and then the Businesses that can come from them it can be a bit of a minefield. It can also lend itself to a blending of the lines, for example a Qualified PT will or may attempt to engage new clients offering fitness, weightloss and overall mental wellbeing. Now really that isn’t stepping too far outside … is it? When you start to train consistently all of those things can/will happen. 

However sometimes a line is crossed, intentionally or unintentionally. This is because they move into an area outside of their professional experience or expertise.  It may be totally harmless with all of the good intentions implied OR it could be completely damaging. 

These Industries are a Business, generally based on a Business Model and with them they can hold a power or perception with the Industry. The Business Models behind them can be Sole Trader, Partnership, Company and Multi Level Marketing MLM to name a few. 

Why did I see red?

Below are just a few adds, posts or questions I am sent on the weekly asking my professional opinion. I get these type of posts sent to me each week. 

Here is where it becomes concerning. If it is money then you will simply lose money but what happens when it is emotion?

  • Honest and Brave women only… creates a psychological hook not to mention a  FOMO if you don’t answer. Aren’t we DONE with talking about spot reduction, putting it out there like it CAN happen or even asking women to lists parts of their body that they don’t like? 
  • EARN your bikini body!!! REALLY!!! Again aren’t we WELL past that?!!!
  • Lets not even get started on the Burning Belly Fat Ad!
  • Isogenix – enough said. 

So why did I see red on these posts? 

I feel for the women who answered them, who tagged friends in (who some of them messaged me). I personally and professionally FEEL for the them. I can easily say that I have been to all the rides, tried ALL of the gimmicks and I no longer need to answer ANYTHING like these questions or ads below. P H E W.

However for those women that do, I deeply feel for anyone who feels the need to negatively talk about their body. I also see RED when a Motivational Coach asks people in such a methodical psychologically manipulating way to ensure women will answer.. I see RED when I know people will only drink meals for 12mths or that want to EARN the right to wear a bikini. We are in 2022 Coach’s !!!

Not to mention the Psychological implications for some seeing these type of questions, unless you have worked in this field you would and couldn’t fully comprehend the damage that simple posts like can do. 

These come from ‘Motivational Coach’,  ‘Life Changing Coach’,  ‘ Life Exchanging Coach’ and the Belly Belt..I put that in there to prove a point. It is ALL click funnel marketing. Add a post to a Social Platform, tag people in which will have you, them and their friends and even at times their friends friends see the post. Click marketing which generally finds the needy, people looking for something. 

Now it isn’t all bad, however it is important to know what you are getting for your money and how qualilfied the person, Coach is in the area or area’s that they are selling your their product. 

Afterall there are alot of dollars spent on and in these Industries. 


It can be so confusing can’t it? Before I moved into these Industries I have tried, tested and fallen into so many go get it NOW traps. I use to think I needed to be BRAVE or included or that I needed to LOOK a certain way to be accepted. The above ads actually prey on you to be that way. It is their actual Business Model. 
Remember to research, photo’s don’t always show you anything, in fact they rarley show you the majority of what their Customer base has done so reasearch. If you are looking at a Weightloss Program then who designed it ? If its a Strength & Conditioning Program again who designed it ? What are their Qualifications ? 

Just ensure you are getting your moneys worth, hopefully you are growing and also learning about yourself. You don’t have to like every part of any business but it shouldn’t depleate you or degrade you. Ensure you get out of it what you want and if it does ask stupid questions or makes you feel ‘not worthy’ you are the paying customer you can voice your opinion. 

On a personal note, I don’t HATE MLM. I currently participate in MLM, I LOVE good oils and purchase them through a friend who loves what she does and I just don’t participate in any of the MLM that goes along with it. I buy my oils when I need them.. easy. 

I do dislike it when it is misleading and/or damaging physically or mentally to a person. Leveraging a product that is not intended to be used long term or worse leveraging people is not a business model I want to be a part of. 

Industry Leaders

The important thing here is to know your Business Model, know your expertise and remember why you are in your area of this vast multi level Industry. If you feel that you are stepping out of your comfort zone upskill OR Refer as long as it FITS within your Business Model. Don’t waste your time and energy looking at other Models that don’t align with your own. 

There will ALWAYS be different Business Models that do not align with your vision and they will ALWAYS sell their business, just as you will sell yours. The truth here is that people will do what people will do, we all have that freedom. For some they have been to the show, seen the pony rides and can see through the bullshit or the different kind of marketing and for some they have not. They will buy the belly belt, look for the drink all meals lifestyle or answer the impossible ‘which part of your body do you want to spot reduce’. 

In todays cancel, click and flick culture people will move from Business to Business.

People will try anything they feel will help them, they want to find their way. I truley believe that people want to live a healthier life. If you are strong in who you are Professionally and have the knowledge base across the fields that you are working in you will be successful. 

If you want to take to Social Media to express your professional view, do it. James Smith has made a busines out of it and more importantly has shed a very big spot light on the so called trainers out there doing our Industry damage. He has also helped many a trainer level up, rethink their strategy and even go at their business in a different way. 

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